North American Deep Drawing Research Group

Based on our successful virtual Symposium in December 2020, we are keeping this format for our virtual meeting on June 10 and 11, 2021. (See the Next Meeting tab for more details). We're hoping to have an in-person meeting in December 2021 in the Detroit area. Topics presented in the informal presentations emphasize experimental work, analysis or simulation related to experimental work, and solutions to practical problems. These topics apply to all to all sheet metal forming processes and cover all metals with emphasis on steel and aluminum.

The NADDRG is an organization where people working in sheet metal formability can meet to exchange ideas and follow work that is in progress.

We are an association of individual members - there are no company memberships.

The group meets in the Spring and the Fall and provides an opportunity to interact with others interested in sheet metal formability.

These Symposia consist of informal off-the-record technical presentations (NOT sales pitches!) followed by questions and discussion.

Topics of interest include:
Forming problem analysis
Die design guidelines
Solving plant problems
Mechanical tests to predict formability
Relationship of product microstructure to formability
Measuring friction
Effect of friction on formability
New die materials
New forming processes
Metal property data needed for FEA