The next NADDRG meeting will be held virtually in June 10 and 11, 2021 – send a message to MeetingCoordinator [at symbol] NADDRG [dot symbol] org to register.

At this meeting, tentative topics include:

  • On the Development of Fold Initiator Patterns to Promote Progressive Folding of Hot Stamped Ultra-High Strength Axial Crush Structures
  • Warm forming of pre-aged 7000-series aluminum alloy sheet
  • Bending Enhancement for GISSMO
  • G3 Steel solutions to LME
  • Friction Characterization of Al-Si Coated Ultra-High Strength Steel under Hot Stamping Conditions
  • Thermo-metallurgical Modelling of Roller Hearth Furnace
  • Resolving TRIP in AHSS at Dynamic Rates: High Rate Pressure Bar and Thermal-Mechanical Testing
  • Formability testing of sheet and TWBs – Erichsen, Draw, Earring, Hole Expansion
  • Dependence of edge fracture strains on the test method
  • Improved material characterization for sheet metal simulation – the promise of 3D DIC tensile testing
  • DIC Revolution in Material Testing
  • Characterization of Post-necking Hardening Response with DIC: A Critical Assessment of Experimental Techniques Using Virtual Experiments
  • …and more!

Our last meeting was held virtually on 10 and 11 December 2020. It was a success!!

The NADDRG 2021 Fall Symposium will be held in December, 2021,  at the Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth, MI (44045 Five Mile Rd, Plymouth MI 48170).  Breakfast will be available starting at 7:30am, and the meeting will start at 8:30am.

You can pay for the December 2021 NADDRG Symposium with a Credit Card by clicking on the link below, if you really want to. But we recommend waiting until we have finalized a date.

Registration and Payment – Select your Regular or Student status and click “Pay Now”
This will take you to the secure Paypal website where you can pay with any of the listed credit cards or your Paypal balance.

Please contact the the Program Chair with the form on this page if you wish to present at the event. You can email the Chair directly at

If you are not a member of NADDRG, you may attend one meeting as a Guest of a member in good standing.  Attending subsequent meetings will require you to become a Provisional Member.

At the December 2020 meeting, we heard about many topics listed below.

  • Strain rate and temperature dependencies on plasticity and ductile fracture of metal sheets.
  • Acoustic Emission Sensor to Monitor Fracture during Forming
  • Using Deep Learning for Modeling Path-Dependent Plasticity and Process Control
  • Engineering Microstructures for Superplasticity in AA5083 with Accumulative Roll Bonding (ARB)
  • Modelling of Fracture in Hot-Stamped Tailor-Welded Blanks of Advanced High-Strength Steels
  • Stress-Strain Measurement in Hydraulic Bulging
  • Effects of AHSS Gauge and Punch Radius in Three-Point Bending
  • Room-temperature hole-expansion of AA7075 in –T6 and –W tempers
  • Laser trimming as a secondary process for stamped parts
  • Laser metal deposition for repairs & enhancements
  • Simplified Technique for Laboratory Application of lubricant to Sheet Metal
  • …and more!

Let us know what you want to present at the next meeting!