Next Meeting

Our last meeting was held on 23 May 2023 in Troy, MI.

The North American Deep Drawing Research Group is pleased to announce their Annual Fall Meeting on Wednesday December 6 in Troy, Michigan. Autoform USA will host the event at the PNC Building (755 W. Big Beaver Road, Troy, MI).
Breakfast and lunch will be provided.
Breakfast will be available starting at 7:30am, and the meeting will start at 8:30am.

Presentations are invited covering recent work on advanced sheet metal alloys related to formability, fracture, sheared edge formability, bendability, lubrication, press technology, forming simulation, interaction between forming processes and product performance (for example, crash worthiness), and other related topics.

We invite you to make a presentation to your peers on a relevant topic – it is a great way to network with and get feedback from the best minds in the industry. Please send your name, company presentation title, and the amount of time requested for the presentation to as soon as possible.

Advance Registration and Payment is required for this meeting – no walk-ins will be allowed.

Registration is as simple as paying for the December 6th 2023 NADDRG meeting by clicking on the link below.

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At the May 2023 meeting, we heard about many topics listed below.

  • Design of an In-Plane Shear Test Geometry for Fracture Characterization of High Ductility Metals
  • Problems and enhancements in non-standard material tests for simulation purposes
  • Novel assessment of non-linear sheet metal behavior from zero strain to necking
  • Springback in Flexible Assemblies
  • Aspects of Measuring Sheared Edge Quality
  • Development of High Strength 7xxx Aluminum Alloys for Automotive Applications
  • Hot Stamping of a Gen3 Steel
  • Spin Forming: Open Areas Interest and Potential Research Avenues
  • Stress Formability Analysis for Anisotropic Material Models
  • Validity of ISO12004 In Shop Floor Applications